tbec logo squareTampa Bay Etsy Crew (TBEC) is an organization of local artists and crafters who have shops on Etsy.  Founded by Julie Richarme and KC Bird on April 19, 2011, the group currently has 821 members. TBEC’s purpose is to help Etsy sellers in the Tampa Bay area to network and share information.  Ultimately, this collaboration will make all TBEC members more successful.

Tampa Bay Etsy Crew’s members participate in casual meet ups, informational meetings, organize craft shows and community workshops or demo events to encourage the public to take up a new hobby or open their own Etsy shop.  With the launch of their official website, www.tampabayetsycrew.com, TBEC is poised to make Tampa Bay known worldwide for its talented artists and crafters who produce quality handmade goods.

TBEC Member Profile: Sarah Phillips of Armillata Designs
Sarah Phillips is the artist behind Armillata Designs. Always a creative child, Sarah was lucky to have a family that supported and nurtured that in her. Her early work was born out of a desire to have vintage style jewelry to wear without the high cost of purchasing actual antique pieces. Her current aesthetic concentrates […]
TBEC Member Profile: Diana Swallow of Diana Swallow Designs
Diana Swallow of Diana Swallow Designs creates nature and architecturally inspired handcrafted jewelry using sterling silver, copper, brass, aluminum and found objects. Some pieces also include semi precious stones. Her technique incorporates soldering and cold connection. Diana uses found and upcycled objects -anything from old gears to vintage skeleton keys. She says, “If it’s interesting, […]
TBEC Member Profile: Carey Cherivtch of Gypsy Thread
Carey Cherivtch of Gypsy Thread (gypsythread.etsy.com) has been sewing bags, scarves, and other accessories for happy Etsy shoppers for 2 years, though she’s been an avid sewer for the past 20. For Carey, sewing started in junior high school and became a more frequent activity once she started creating items for her son James. “Although it’s been […]
TBEC Member Profile: Stephanie Hurst of Chirping Bird Press
Stephanie Hurst has operated Chirping Bird Press (www.chirpingbirdpress.etsy.com) for the past 2 years. For Stephanie, everything she does centers around her love of block printing, a way of transferring an image to another medium using a design hand carved into a block (similar in method to stamping). Stephanie doesn’t stop there.  “I love to create […]
TBEC Member Profile: Laura Dunmire of Dunmire Crochet Corner
Laura Dunmire of Dunmire Crochet Corner (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Dunmirecrochetcorner) creates bags, afghans, sweaters, scarves, clothing, and baby items from patterns she designs.  She became interested in crochet as a child and asked her mother and grandmother to teach her.  Laura was hooked immediately and has now been crocheting for 38 years.  Along the way, she gained additional […]
TBEC Member Profile: KC Bird of Birdhouse Designs
KC Bird of Birdhouse Designs (birdhousedesigns.etsy.com) began making her leather accessories out of necessity.  Her husband began making leather armor, and “it was either spend 4 hours a night apart or join in the fun and spend those 4 hours in the same room chatting and together.  Then I realized I could make money at it! […]
TBEC Member Profile: Jen Campbell of Lola’s Handcrafted
Jen Campbell of Lola’s Handcrafted (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Lolashandcrafted) says that her interest in handmade bath, beauty and home products began in elementary school. “There was something in my history book that mentioned soapmaking in the pioneer days. I was so interested that I kept the book years after I was all done with that class. I had […]
TBEC Member Profile: Rachel Gray of Rachel’s Craft Trove
Rachel Gray opened Rachel’s Craft Trove (http://www.etsy.com/shop/RachelsCraftTrove) in October 2012, selling her handmade jewelry, hair accessories, and candles.  However, you just never know what you’ll find in her shop: “I make whatever strikes my fancy, whatever craft I’m into at the moment.”  She plans to add sewn items for babies in the near future. “I […]
TBEC Member Profile: Stacey Merrill of ArtSnark
Stacey Merrill is the artist behind ArtSnark (http://www.artsnark.etsy.com), where she’s been selling her original paintings, drawings, art prints, and photography since 2008.  Stacey has been, as she calls it, “doodling and tinkering” off and on for at least 20 years.  “The last few years I’ve been mostly drawing and painting interesting folks who catch my […]
TBEC Member Profile: Rose Barden of Jewels in the Making
Rose Barden of Jewels in the Making (http://www.etsy.com/shop/JewelsintheMaking) began making her wire wrapped jewelry over 3 years ago after being taught by a family member.  Her Etsy shop opened 2 years ago. When asked to describe her work, Rose replied, “Because I am a self taught artist, I tend to gravitate to everything in the […]
TBEC Member Profile: Sandra Cobb of Froggy Creations
  Sandra Cobb of Froggy Creations (https://www.etsy.com/shop/froggycreations) makes hair pins, magnets, resin plugs, and necklaces, but what she is best known for are her “D20″ dice bags. For the uninitiated, Sandra explains, “D20 is a term used with tabletop gamers to describe a 20 sided die.”  Sandra gets her inspiration from the Dungeons and Dragons […]
TBEC Member Profile: Stacy Salmon of Freakshow Follies
The things that go bump in the night are what inspires Stacy Salmon of Freakshow Follies (www.freakshowfollies.etsy.com).  Her creativity is also piqued by “the things we thought we saw out of the corner of our eye, and the many things that haunt us happy.”  Stacy began creating her unique jewelry about a year and a […]
TBEC Member Profile: Nikki Medved of Orange Blossom Accessories
Nikki Medved of Orange Blossom Accessories began creating hair accessories, bow holders, and key fobs in 2010 after being inspired by an online tutorial. After giving hair clippies to a coworker who encouraged her to sell them, she launched a website in 2011, migrating to Etsy in 2012. Nikki’s main focus is hair bows made […]
TBEC Member Profile: Julie Richarme of Richarme Jewelry Designs
Julie Richarme of Richarme Jewelry Designs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Richarme) has been creating and selling her handmade jewelry since 6th grade (professionally for 8 years) and opened her Etsy shop in 2008.  Julie designs “one of a kind pieces of jewelry using upcycled, vintage, fair trade or locally sourced components.” Richarme Jewelry Designs’ vision is much larger than […]
TBEC Member Profile: Madison Grimes of Rockabilly Revolt
Madison Grimes of Rockabilly Revolt (www.etsy.com/shop/rockabillyrevolt) creates bows, flowers and headbands inspired by rockabilly and pin-up fashion.  Her styles range from girly, nerdy, nautical, and “creepy cute type.”  “I aim for something unique, different; something you will not find in a store. I do classic rockabilly styles such as polka dots and anchors, or I […]
TBEC Member Profile: Debbie Fontanetta of Nanny’s Treasures
            Debbie Fontanetta of Nanny’s Treasures (http://www.etsy.com/shop/NannysTreasures) began working with plastic canvas about ten years ago after looking for a new hobby.  A friend taught her the basics, and Debbie decided to dive right into a complex project, a Christmas train with 8 cars.  She had experience with a similar […]
TBEC Member Profile: Dawn & Tim of TDPO Natural & Handcrafted Personal Care Products
Dawn & Tim founded TDPO Natural & Handcrafted Personal Care Products (http://www.etsy.com/shop/tdpounlimited) as an alternative to the chemical-laden products on the market.  Dawn shared, “I became more aware of the harm I was doing myself and my family when I read an article on a university study that found formaldehyde in the blood stream of […]
TBEC Member Profile: Maria Vanessa Moreno of Maria’s Arts and Designs
  Maria Vanessa Moreno of Maria’s Arts and Designs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/baritoneplaya2) is a graphic designer, painter and body artist who has always loved all types of art and has been creating it for as long as she can remember.  “What I do now is a compilation of what I like to do. It has evolved over […]
TBEC Member Profile: M. Crane of Bad Cat Jewelry
M. Crane creates simple, elegant jewelry under the moniker Bad Cat Jewelry (www.badcatjewelry.etsy.com).  She’s found a formula that works well and coincides with her design philosophy of “keep it simple, stupid.”  M. designs simple pieces using fine silver and artisan lampwork beads.  When asked to describe her work, M. replied, “I try to maintain simplicity […]
TBEC Member Profile: Kristin Hemphill of LocLava
Kristin Hemphill of LocLava has spent her 20-year career as an artist creating items that resonate with her on a personal level.  “My work is a complete representation of virtually every aspect of myself. My paintings are typically extremely personal and usually not sold, though I will use reprints of them in other accessories I […]